Wild Wild Italy

Prague/Saronno 17 September 2010—A “New Bufalo” Landini tractor mounted with Mitas 65 series tires won this Sunday’s classic Italian tractor-pulling contest held in San Pancrazio, near Parma. The 14 teams featuring such poetic names as Baby Tornado (second), Cobrabite (fifth) and Speedy (last) met for the 11th time since 1999 to match their power tractors in this “nerves of steel” battle for primacy.

“This extreme tractor sport is electrifying,” said Gaetano Mellia of CGS Pneumatici Italia. CGS Tyres produces Mitas-brand tractor tires. “Unlike in other sports, the sportsmen compete with end-user machines driving on end-user tyres with the lugs cut off. The tractor’s horsepower preserved by the tyre is one secret ingredient of victory.”

The region of Emilia-Romagna, where this year’s championship was held, is home to the automotive industry. Agriculture still remains an important element of the local economy. According to CGS Tyres, which has a 28 percent market share in agricultural tires in Europe, there has been an overall change in the utilisation of tractors in recent years. “Increasingly, we see tractors being used to ship produce from the field to the processing plant. This requires the tyres to provide other features in addition to strong traction. Driving high-power tractors on paved roads may be as wild as tractor-pulling or it can be a calm experience when driving Mitas,” Mellia added.

The winning “New Bufalo” Landini tractor belongs to Argo Tractors Group, and the rear Mitas tires mounted were size 600/65 R 28 RD-03. Additional information regarding the event, photos and videos are available in Italian at www.tractorpulling.it.

“New Bufalo” Landini tractor, classic Italian tractor-pulling, San Pancrazio. Photo is courtesy of Argo Tractors Group’s marketing department, 2010.

Mitas Tires
North America, Inc.

Mitas Tires North America, Inc., (formerly CGS Tires US, Inc.) is a sales subsidiary of MITAS a.s., one of the leading European manufacturers of agricultural, industrial and motorcycle tires. In 2012, Mitas started producing radial agricultural tires in Charles City, Iowa.
See the Charles City plant grand opening video here.