AC 90 Narrow (R-1) Narrow tires developed specially for row cultivation

  • * Reduced tire width eases driving between plants without causing damage, contributing to higher yields. Rounded shoulders, lugs and tire height also protect crops.
  • * Cost-efficient thanks to durable construction that offers high load capacity and transports speeds up to 30 mph.
  • * Deep lugs provide excellent traction, better directional stability and a high level of control.
  • * Good self-cleaning properties help keep the tread pattern free of mud, resulting in less slip, even in difficult conditions.

AC 90 Narrow (R-1)
AC 90 Narrow (R-1)

Load Capacity


Soil protection

Handling on road

Cost efficiency

AC 90 vs. standard tire sizes

Narrow Row Crop tires were specially developed for driving between rows without damaging the seeds, roots and plants. They are suitable for line weeding, crop cultivation, fertilising, spraying and other agricultural activities.

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List of tire sizes and details

Size (inch) Tire size Service description LI/SS Detail
32.0”270/80 R 32131 A8 (128 B)Detail
36.0”270/80 R 36134 A8 (131 B)Detail
48.0”270/95 R 48144 A8 (141 B)Detail

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