HC1000 (R-1) New narrow VF (Very High Flexion) tire for self-propelled sprayers

  • * Lower inflation pressure provides excellent traction efficiency.
  • * Better ground protection thanks to reduced soil compaction.
  • * Higher load capacity for higher haulage efficiency.

HC1000 (R-1)
HC1000 (R-1)

Load Capacity


Soil protection

Handling on road

Cost efficiency

List of tire sizes and details

Size (inch) Tire size Service description LI/SS Detail
46.0”VF 380/90 R 46173 DDetail
50.0”VF 380/105 R 50176 DDetail
VF 480/80 R 50181 DDetail
54.0”VF 320/105 R 54169 DDetail

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