Find out more about Mitas tires

The Mitas tires website provides a wide product range of Mitas tires. The farm tires section includes the tractor tires, tires for harvesting machines, agricultural implements, communal tires, and many more.

The construction and material handling technology part of the website includes tires for diggers, rollers, and graders, cranes, forklifts, tires for skid loaders, multipurpose tires, and tires for demanding construction works.

Mitas brand also offers tires for motorbikes, bicycles, airplanes, cargo vehicles, and snowmobiles. 

Production plants of Mitas tires are located in Prague, Zlín, and Otrokovice in the Czech Republic, in Serbia, Slovenia, and in the USA in Charles City in Iowa. The tires are sold worldwide through the sales and distribution networks.

More information about Mitas brand is available on the About us page. If you want to contact us, complete the form below or go on the Contact page, where you find the required contact information.