Mitas municipal tires with unique cascade tread lugs design

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Prague, November 3, 2015 – At Agritechnica, Mitas will unveil new HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tyres for urban use. At its stand E29 in Hall 03, Mitas will display the 540/80R38 HCM tyre as the first size representing Mitas’ future expansion into the municipal tyre segment. The initial four sizes of Mitas HCM tyres will be available on the market in 1Q 2016. Mitas HCM are universal tyres designed to work on various terrains mounted on different machines and applications. Mitas HCM tyres feature a unique cascade tread lugs design ensuring even better traction in snow, muddy and wet conditions and providing optimal self-cleaning properties.

“Mitas is entering the segment of municipal tires. For Mitas, this is a logical step because in this segment we can utilise our experiences manufacturing construction and agricultural tires,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas' marketing and sales director. “The main advantage of municipal tires is the variability of use. The Mitas HCM tire is a truly all-round tire.”


Mitas HCM is a versatile tire that can be fitted on agricultural and industrial tractors, handlers, loaders, etc. and is also suitable for agricultural, municipal, construction, forestry, etc. applications. Thanks to the D speed category (65 km/h) Mitas HCM tires are well prepared for road transportation. Mitas HCM boasts low noise emissions and vibration, thanks to different length of pitches and their alignment along the circumference. In winter conditions, they can be equipped with spikes.

“The cascade shape of the tread lugs is a unique feature of Mitas HCM tires. Individual tread figures are reminding steps, which supports better traction and self-cleaning properties,” said Pavel Kott, Mitas' agricultural tires product manager. “Cascade tread lugs are unique for Mitas HCM tires, which makes them stand out in the offer on the market.”

The new Mitas 540/80 R 38 IND 172 A8 (167 D) HCM has a speed symbol D allowing speeds up to 65 km/h. Under 3.2 bar and speed 10 km/h it can carry loads of 7,875 kg. Mitas 540/80 R 38 HCM has a diameter of 1.83 metres.