Mitas Opens Tractor Pulling Competition Season in Germany

As a proud partner of Germany’s largest tractor pulling event, Mitas opened the 2022 competition held in Fuchtorf, Germany, on April 23 to 24. The two-day event gave more than 14,000 fans a reason to celebrate their favorite sport after a two-year break.

50 teams from across Europe competed in several categories with spectators watching the powerful machine runs from the grandstands and the Mitas Pavilion. Participants got an up-close view of Mitas tires on display including the HC 2000 for high-horsepower tractors, and the AGRITERRA 04 fast-paced agricultural trailer radials. Visitors could meet the Mitas team at a special Mitas truck and take home a straw hat as a souvenir of the event.

Elmar Burkhardt, Marketing Manager for Central Europe at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: "It feels really good to finally be back in the tractor pulling arena where Mitas is an active sponsor of this fantastic sport. This event is organized by the local Green Monster tractor pulling team, a team we have enjoyed working with for many years.

"Tractor pulling is a terrific opportunity for us to exchange ideas with our customers through an event that is closely connected to their work. The Mitas team was excited to cheer on all the teams competing and to be part of the opening of what promises to be an excellent tractor pulling season."

The Green Monster team once again took home two first-place awards using the Mitas PowerPull 01 tires on their competition-level tractors.

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