Mitas presents one of the largest agricultural tires at EIMA 2018

Prague, October 30, 2018 - Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, will present its latest agricultural tyres at EIMA 2018 in Bologna, Italy from 7th to 11th November at the stand A5 in the hall 14.

These will include the 1250/50R32 SFT, one of the largest agricultural tires in the world. A new version of this tire with a higher load capacity has recently been introduced. The 1250/50R32 194A8 (191B) SFT TL tire is just over two meters high and capable of carrying loads of up to 18880 kg (10 km/h cyclic).

Designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, it is suitable for grain trailers and harvesters. Its flexible and ultra-strong flanks allow low inflation pressures for high load capacity, ground protection and higher productivity. With the new SFT – Super Flexion Tires – the Mitas brand is demonstrating a constant commitment to quality and customer focus in the harvester tire segment.

More Mitas tires will be showcased at EIMA


In the recently introduced CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation) tire, 680/85R32 CHO 178A8 (175B) AC70G TL, Mitas has designed an extremely powerful tire for large combine harvesters. Compared to tires with a standard construction, the tire allows higher load capacity during harvest operations and its larger footprint guarantees gentler ground handling. It extends harvesting time and offers greater comfort on the road. Mitas now offers ten CHO tire sizes on markets around the world.


The Mitas 710/50R26.5 IMP 170D AGRITERRA 02 TL tire represents a new generation of fast and powerful agricultural tires designed for non-driven agricultural mechanisms. It is gentle to grassland due to its high positive share of tread pattern and round shoulder and can carry a load of 6000 kg at a maximum speed of 65 km/h and a nominal inflation pressure of 4 bars. Its Agriterra 02 tread pattern is used for the majority of Mitas flotation tires, which feature low noise emissions and fuel consumption, as well as rolling resistance. 

The Mitas 540/80R38 IND 172A8 (167D) HCM TL (High Capacity Municipal) is a universal quiet-running tire for all terrains and many applications. This tire has a unique tread design that ensures better traction even on snow, mud and wet surfaces while providing optimal self-cleaning properties.

As a highly versatile tire, the Mitas 540/80R38 HCMcan be used in a wide range of applications (especially municipal) including tractors, telescopic handlers and loaders, and delivers both low noise emissions and vibrations.

Paolo Fogagnolo, country director of Trelleborg Wheels Systems in Italy, said: “EIMA 2018 is a great opportunity for us to showcase our solutions. Whether it’s higher productivity or reliable performance when you need it most – Mitas delivers.”

Come to EIMA and visit our Mitas stand A5 in the hall 14! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

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