Mitas introduces four new tires at FIMA 2020

Prague, February 10, 2020 - The Mitas brand presents its latest agricultural tyres at the FIMA 2020 in Zaragoza, Spain on 25 - 29 February. The two completely new agricultural tyres and two new sizes of tyres extend the portfolio of Mitas agricultural tyres.

The first of the new tires is VF 1000/65R32 CFO 200A8 HC3000R TL, which belongs to the Mitas VF (Very High Flexion) range. Thanks to their construction, VF tires have almost 40% more load capacity than standard tractor tires, and this remains unchanged over usable speed ranges.

“The ability to absorb the same load capacity over all of a tractor’s usable speed, means that farmers do not have to adjust tire pressure according to speed,” explains Pavel Kott, Mitas agricultural tires Product Manager. “The larger footprint of the VF tires also leads to less soil compaction, improving ground protection, while ensuring better power transmission and limited slippage.”

ex-01The VF 1000/65R32 CFO 200A8 HC3000R TL has a new tread pattern HC3000R (rounded) that is based on the widely proved HC3000 tread pattern and is suitable for combine harvesters. The new tread pattern features a rounded shoulder that ensures even more gentle ground handling, especially when turning in the field or on grassland. The tire will be offered in a reinforced Cyclic Field Operation (CFO) version, allowing higher load capacity during harvest operations compared to tires with a standard construction.


ex-01The second completely new tire being introduced is 800/65R32 IMP 185D AGRITERRA 04 TL and it extends the Mitas AGRITERRA radial tire range. This tire has a high load capacity and is designed for non-driven wheels for a wide range of agricultural vehicles, such as flat trucks, fast-moving agricultural trailers and tank containers.

The new AGRITERRA 04 tread pattern is designed primarily for work in the field and on grassland, and offers superior self-cleaning properties and traction characteristics, together with gentle ground handling. Thanks to its rounded tread shoulder and extended footprint, the AGRITERRA 04 tires are very gentle on grassland and feature low noise emissions, rolling resistance and reduced fuel consumption.


ex-01 At the FIMA 2020 show are also presented the Mitas 650/65R42 IND 176A8/171D HCM TL and the Mitas VF 480/70R38 172D HC2000 TL tires.

The Mitas 650/65R42 IND 176A8/171D HCM TL tire was released in 2019. The HCM range of tires are offered in 12 sizes from 18 to 42 inches. Designed for use in all seasons, these tires are particularly suitable for municipal and road maintenance tractors, telescopic handlers and loaders.

High durability is their outstanding feature thanks to their steel-belted radial construction, the unique tread pattern in the central part of the tire and exceptional traction characteristics due to more edges on the lugs. In addition, a different lug width on the shoulder ensures better traction in deeper terrain. The HCM tires offer excellent self-cleaning properties with low noise emissions and vibration thanks to the different length of pitches and their alignment along the circumference. 


ex-01The new VF 480/70R38 172D HC2000 TL is a part of Mitas HC2000 product line designed for high-horsepower tractors. Mitas currently offers 15 sizes of HC2000 tires and this range was significantly extended in recent years with 8 new sizes being released from 2017 to 2020. Thanks to the VF (Very High Flexion) technology, these tires can be used with constant air inflation pressure at any speed.

“These Mitas tires at the FIMA 2020 show are examples of the latest agricultural tire technology. Mitas tires ensure reliability of farming operations, provide efficiency in the field and guarantee excellent product quality during the entire life of the tire,” said, Emil Houška, Mitas Marketing Senior Manager. 


Mitas tires are present at the FIMA 2020 show from 25 to 29 February at stand D/7 in hall 7.